The Hogans

Karen and Jeff Hogan live with their son Finn in Jackson, Wyoming. Jeff is the owner of HoganFilms and has been producing wildlife films for over 30 years. 
Karen is director of Galliope, an arts-integrated movement education organization. She also holds a degree in architecture which came in handy as Karen and Jeff merged their creative talents to design and hand-build both Lamar Valley Cabins. 
We chose to build a cabin in Silver Gate because of its unique character. It's a town frozen in time; quiet, charming, and a true reflection of western life in the Rockies.  Close to Yellowstone yet with none of the hustle and bustle of other border towns, we connected immediately with the quiet, friendly community of Silver Gate.


Films produced or filmed by Jeff in and around Yellowstone: 


BBC Natural World: Mountain Lions : Big Cats in High Places

BBC Natural World: Beavers Behaving Badly

PBS Nature: Animal Homes: Beavers

National Geographic Wild: American Cougar

National Geographic: American Beaver

BBC Yellowstone Series: Battle for Life

BBC Natural World: Big Sky Bears

BBC Wildlife on One: Beavers: The Master Builders

BBC Life of Mammals: Beavers

National Geographic:  Yellowstone Wild

National Geographic: Cutthroats of Yellowstone


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